How to Tackle Procrastination

How to Tackle Procrastination

Thursday Jan. 03, 2019
How to Tackle Procrastination

Is procrastination getting in the way of your New Year's resolution? Are you putting off a task at home or work?

The first step to fixing the problem is understanding why you're stalling. Is it coming from a place of fear, feeling overwhelmed, or unclear directions? Identify the real issue and take steps to fix it.

Try These Tips:

  •  Break it down to smaller, more manageable chunks. Then, focus on getting them done one at a time.
  •  Reduce distractions. This includes limiting checking your cell phone. Postpone checking for an hour until you’ve made headway on a task, or better yet, when it’s completed.
  •  Give yourself a deadline to get things done. For additional help staying on track, tell someone else about your deadline so that they can help hold you accountable.
  •  Single-task. Multitasking can overwhelm you and diminish your focus, which can contribute to procrastination. Instead, do one thing at a time, and then move on to the next thing.
  •  Don’t wait until you “feel like it.” Taking one small step toward your goal can lead to a chain reaction of steps, and before you know it, you’ve made progress!
  •  Take short breaks. Just getting up from your seat and stretching, standing up for a minute, or walking in place can help refresh you.

Source: Broward Health Employee Assistance Program



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