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Monday Sep. 12, 2016
Lobbying and Lobbyist Activities Registration Process

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Any lobbyist who wishes to do business with Broward Health is required to register and pay the required registration fee of $40 to Broward Health for each represented client before any advocacy can take place.

Documents and information for registration can be obtained on the Broward Health website at:

All Broward Health employees are required to make sure that a lobbyist is registered before a meeting is scheduled and/or any conversation is held regarding the issue a lobbyist is lobbying on. When in doubt, contact the Government Relations department by emailing [email protected] or calling 954-473-7180.

Lobbyist and lobbying activities are defined in the policy as:

  1. Lobbyist: any person or business entity who/which lobbies on behalf of itself and/or on behalf of a principal and/or on behalf of a family or household member of a lobbyist or principal, for the gain, economic, personal or otherwise, of itself and/or a principal, regardless of whether the lobbyist is compensated for lobbying or not.
  2. Lobby or Lobbying: any form of communication, direct or indirect, on behalf of oneself/itself or a principal, or a family or household member of a lobbyist or principal, for the purpose of influencing or encouraging or attempting to influence or encourage the district, its board, board committee member(s), and/or district employee(s) or agent(s) with respect to an action, non-action, decision, recommendation, modification, approval or disapproval by the district, its board, board committee member(s) and/or district employees or agent(s), of any item which may be presented for consideration or vote, as applicable, by the board, any board committee member(s), and/or district employee(s) or agent(s), including, without limitation, with respect to contracts, policies or procurement issues or matters; and/or attempting to obtain the goodwill of the district, its board, board committee member(s) and/or district employee(s) or agent(s).

Other key definitions are:

  1. Principal:  means, with respect to any business entity or individual providing district lobbying activities or other lobbying activities, means an officer, director, manager, shareholder or partner who controls or otherwise directs, the decisions of such business entity or individual or business entity with respect to such activities.
  2. Business Entities: means any firm, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, or other form of business entity, including, those entities under common control with, or controlled by, any such entity, including, a parent or subsidiary of any such entity.

In addition, in support of our commitment to transparency, a list of all registered lobbyists will be available online at This list shall be posted in alphabetical order by last name of lobbyist first and shall include:

  • Last name and first name of lobbyist
  • Name of company and/or firm they work for
  • Principal registered to represent

The list shall be automatically updated as new lobbyists register throughout the year with the required expenditure reports, which each lobbyist has to fill out at the end of the fiscal year.

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