Meet Maria Oliff

Meet Maria Oliff

Thursday Feb. 21, 2019
Meet Maria Oliff

When Maria Oliff cares for patients at Broward Health Medical Center's Cath Lab, she treats them like family.


Meet Maria


Name: Maria Oliff


Title and Department: Assistant nurse manager, Cath Lab, Broward Health Medical Center


Years at Broward Health: 28

What motivates me to come to work each day:  My motivation to come to work every day is my passion for cardiology. I love taking care of cardiac patients, helping put them at ease before, during, and after procedures. I also like to bond with my patients and family.

My favorite Broward Health moment: I think that some of my favorite moments at Broward Health have been caring for patients in cardiac arrest; patients we thought may not survive, who ended up leaving the hospital in better health than when they came in.

Some advice I’d give to a new employee just starting their career in healthcare:  Treat the patients as if they were your own family members.

How I like to relax: I like to relax by listening to music, going to the beach or on a boat; or going to the movies. 

What I’m most proud of personally or professionally: Personally, I am most proud of my family. My daughters have grown to be such amazing young women. My husband and I have been so lucky to have had the pleasure of raising wonderful children. Professionally, I am very proud that after all these years in nursing, I still enjoy my profession and found my "home" working in the cath lab. Also, recently I came out of my comfort zone to take a management position.


What’s on my playlist: I enjoy listening to many music genres including country, rock, and pop music. On my playlist I have Jon Bon Jovi, Enrique Iglesias, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, and many more.

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, it would be: I think that the person that I would love to have dinner with would be God. I have so many questions to ask him. Why is there such hatred in this world? Why are the good people taken so young? Why do people have to suffer?  This world is a scary place to live in.




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