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Thursday Jul. 05, 2018
School’s In For Summer, Part 2

Welcome back to our summer intern series! We are pleased to introduce five more outstanding individuals from Broward Health's 2018 internship class.

This year's class features 22 students who have demonstrated strong academic performance, leadership skills and community involvement. Our interns are working in various departments across the organization including finance, administration, general counsel, risk management, emergency preparedness, compliance, human resources and more.

Read the profiles below of this week's featured interns. We'll be featuring more interns in the future so be sure to check back next week!

Nevon Anderson

Nevon Anderson is working to improve patient safety at Broward Health this summer. As an intern in the corporate risk and insurance department, Nevon is helping to analyze patient injury data to correct negative patient safety trends and reduce injuries. His internship is teaching him the value of teamwork. 

“Healthcare is a complex network that requires everyone to work together and communicate,” Nevon said. “The networking opportunities have been my favorite aspect of this internship and the exposure I have received from this program has been phenomenal.” 

An aspiring hospital CEO, Nevon is currently pursuing his MBA in healthcare administration at Florida Atlantic University.  He advises future interns to take advantage of the opportunity by asking lots of questions, paying attention, getting to know other interns and developing mentors. He hopes to join Broward Health’s leadership team in the future.

“The management team at Broward Health has a lot to offer, and there is so much to learn at this organization,” Nevon said. “I’ve had the opportunity to learn from so many great and intelligent people and the leadership team here has been extremely welcoming. I’m impressed by their willingness to help. They take time out of their busy schedules to allow us to learn from them.” 

If Nevon was ever stranded on an island, the one thing he’d bring with him is unlimited music. “Without music, I’m not sure I would be able to function effectively,” he said. “It has definitely been a stress reliever for me.” 




 Hannah Farley

This summer, Hannah Farley is figuring out ways to help Broward Health save money. 

The Nova Southeastern University finance and marketing major is currently analyzing Broward Health North’s rental equipment to find out where the hospital can purchase items instead of renting them in order to lower costs. She’s also assisting the marketing department and handling a variety of other projects. Along the way, she’s building solid relationships with her mentors. 

Hannah has enjoyed seeing so many different aspects of Broward Health and meeting new people. In fact, Hannah’s mentor, Vice President of Finance Alex Fernandez, has set up a schedule for her to visit a variety of locations and departments throughout Broward Health so she can be exposed to different careers within the healthcare field. The opportunity has shown Hannah that every job in healthcare has a direct impact on patient care.  “Each person’s job, no matter their role, is important and contributes to Broward Health as a whole,” said Hannah, who hopes to obtain her master’s degree and start her career in healthcare within the next five years. “We are all a team and contribute to the well-being of our patients and the community.” 

Hannah advises future interns to embrace the power of “yes,” and learn from all of the mentors and leaders they meet. 

“Do not be afraid to say yes,” Hannah said. “I am normally a person who is somewhat afraid of change, and this internship has made me more flexible and more likely to say yes. Saying yes to experiences, new people and projects has helped me learn so much in a short period of time.”

If Hannah was on a remote island, she wouldn’t be there for long because she’d bring with her a fully staffed and fueled private jet. “That way, I could go anywhere in the world,” she said. 


Isabel Gottlieb

This summer, Isabel Gottlieb is working in two departments: Broward Health North’s Health Information Management Department and the Population Health Department at Broward Health Corporate. As she’s getting a handle on day-to-day hospital operations and different aspects of healthcare, she’s making the most of her everyday encounters.

“You never know who your future manager will be or who you’ll be working with in the future,” Isabel said. “Even a simple conversation in the elevator can leave a lasting impact on someone and could turn into so much more.”

The University of Central Florida Health Services Administration major is working toward a career in hospital patient experience. She advises future interns to soak up every bit of knowledge and experience that is provided through the internship program. 

“I learned more than I ever thought I could and have made so many connections,” Isabel said. “This internship is a huge learning opportunity and I highly recommend taking full advantage of it. It can open so many doors for you, you just have to work for it.”

If Isabel was stuck on an island, she’d be sure to bring with her some company to make the experience a little less lonely. “If I brought someone else with me, like a friend or a veteran or maybe an eagle scout, I would have someone else to help me escape,” she said. “Two heads are better than one.”  




Sarah Sklar

This summer, Sarah Sklar is delving into Broward Health’s Charge Description Master (CDM), a massive list of the hospital’s billable items and procedures. Each item and procedure has a corresponding code that the hospital uses to charge insurance companies and patients -- and Sarah is working on getting the CDM cleaned up and organized. 

“It’s a really exciting project,” said Sarah, an intern in Broward Health’s corporate revenue cycle department. “There are so many new concepts and terms that you are hearing about for the first time, so it’s only natural to be curious and want to learn. At the end of the day, learning is what this program is all about.” 

A recent graduate from University of Central Florida with a degree in health service administration, Sarah hopes to have a management position in a hospital one day. “I want a career where I’ll be able to learn and grow professionally. In healthcare, there are so many opportunities to learn new skills and be pushed to your fullest potential, so I hope to find a career that will give that to me.” 

She’s welcomed the networking opportunities she’s getting this summer and recently got the chance to sit in a meeting with Broward Health Vice President of Finance, Alex Fernandez. 

“You make so many connections through this program and if you reach out to meet someone, they are genuinely excited to get to know you and learn about you,” Sarah said. “All the employees are so welcoming and passionate about the internship program. They want to see you succeed.”

Sarah’s advice to future interns is to make a solid first impression and nurture meaningful connections that can open up doors in the future. 

“During the course of the program you are going to meet so many terrific individuals,” Sarah said. “I’ve heard countless stories from current employees who have reinforced the importance of networking and building relationships. Healthcare is a massive industry, but at the same time a very small world. You never know where you are going to end up in 10 years or who will remember you.” 

If Sarah was stuck on a remote island, she’d need two things with her: a boat and a big bottle of sunscreen. “I’d need a boat so I could get off the island, and if I could avoid a horrible sunburn, then it would make my stay on the island slightly less dreadful.” 

Ryan Witcher

As a Broward Health Imperial Point lab intern, Ryan Witcher is learning about different lab techniques, including how to correctly process specimen logins and perform tube transfers and centrifugation. He’ll be studying more lab techniques this summer as he rotates through the hospital’s histology, pathology and chemistry departments. 

“The people I work with in Broward Health Imperial Point’s lab have been very helpful and kind,” Ryan said. “I thoroughly enjoy learning about different lab techniques and how they fit into the holistic healthcare process.”

A recent graduate of the University of Central Florida’s biomedical sciences program, Ryan has set his sights on completing medical school. The knowledge he’s gaining this summer will provide a solid foundation for his career as a doctor. Ryan is learning how departments work together across the system to provide high quality care to patients. 

“Healthcare is a delicate balance across departments that requires precise cooperation to deliver quality and expedited care,” Ryan said. 

He advises future interns to take lots of notes and enjoy the experience. “No one expects you to be great at your job immediately,” Ryan said. “You are here to learn.”

Ryan would rely on his survival skills if he was ever stuck on an island. “If I could bring one thing with me, it would be infinite rope for hammocks, building and fishing.”  



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