Transform Your Child's Temper

Transform Your Child's Temper

Friday Mar. 08, 2019
Transform Your Child's Temper

Kids can learn how to stay calm and in control by watching the grown-ups around them. Here are some suggestions on how to teach your child how to manage anger:

  • Say, "tell me how you feel." Help your child learn words to describe strong feelings instead of acting them out.
  • Model calmness. For example, you may say, I'm very angry that the mechanic didn't fix my car correctly, so I'm going to sit quietly and breathe to calm down before I speak to him.”
  • Talk about choices people make when they’re angry. If you and your child witness an angry outburst, discuss how those on the receiving end of the person’s anger might be feeling and
    how the angry person might have reacted more calmly.
  • To counter a tantrum, YOU take a time out. Try saying, “I need to step away from the situation so we can talk.” Your child will learn that you will only talk when he or she is calm and in
  • Have your child think of calming activities. It could be anything from singing to playing with a favorite toy. Post the list in a visible location.

 Source: Broward Health Employee Assistance Program


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