Conducting Effective Training and Education

Annually, a Compliance Training Plan will be developed by the ECG’s Training Subcommittee. The plan will identify specific goals and objectives to be achieved for each of the training programs that will be instituted. It will also identify the metrics that will be used to determine training effectiveness.

1. New Employee Compliance Training

This will be live training provided to all new employees and part of the orientation program run by of the Human Resources Department. The compliance training portion will be a minimum of 30 minutes.  All new employees must receive training within 30 days upon hire. A statement acknowledging employee’s commitment to and receipt of the Code will be signed, dated and maintained in the employee’s transcript.

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2. Annual Compliance Training

All employees will participate in compliance training on an annual basis including appropriate training in state and federal statutes, regulations, and guidelines. Sessions will emphasis the organization’s commitment to compliance with these legal requirements and policies, compliance program, summarizing fraud and abuse statutes and regulations coding requirements, including Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute, claim submission processes and employee conduct. A statement acknowledging employee’s commitment to and receipt of the Code will be signed, dated, and maintained in the employee’s transcript. There will also be content for people who are involved in processing Focus Arrangements. A quiz at the end of the training must be passed to get credit for the course.  Passing is 90%.

3. Training for Board Members

Training will be provided at most Committee meetings, with the overall goal being to provide at least 1.5 hours of training during the year.  Board members will also be trained on NBHD’s Program requirements and any applicable federal and state healthcare program requirements.  New Board members will receive personalized training from the CCO within 45 days of their initial Board meeting.

4. Manager Training

Training for managers emphasizing their responsibilities under the Program. Training will emphasize the requirement to adhere to the overall Program, fraud, waste and abuse laws, and HIPAA.

5. Focused Training

Specific trainings based on audits or plans of correction that are specific to a subject matter.

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