Enforcing Standards through Well Publicized
Disciplinary Guidelines

1. Non-Retaliation Policy

No Workforce member shall be disciplined or suffer any adverse employment action or other retaliation by Broward Health solely for making a compliance report in good faith where there has been a known or suspected compliance violation. However, discipline may be imposed if Broward Health reasonably determines that any complaint or report was knowingly fabricated or knowingly exaggerated, distorted or minimized so as to injure another or protect the reporting party or others who might be subject to discipline for a compliance violation.

Click here for GA-004-305 Non-Retaliation or Retribution Policy

2. Progressive Discipline

Corrective, remedial and disciplinary action will be applied to all Workforce members within Broward Health who fail to comply with their obligations.

3. District Performance Management Policy

Broward Health’s Corrective Action/Performance Improvement Plan policy outlining progressive disciplinary actions against Broward Health employees who do not follow the policies and procedures of Broward Health’s Compliance Plan/Program is located on Policy Stat.

Click here for HR-003-010 Progressive Action Policy
Corrective Action & Performance Improvement Plan Policy

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