Broward Health ACO Patients

Broward Health ACO Patients

Helping You Stay Healthy

As an accountable care organization (ACO), your doctors are committed to keep you well. WIth the care teams we assemble for you, Broward Health keeps you healthier in numerous different ways at no added cost. Here are just a few of those ways:

  • Reminders for important health screenings
  • Classes and resources with information about your health conditions and support for lifestyle changes
  • Quality measures specific to you and your illness
  • A focus on preventing illness before it occurs
  • One-on-one support for questions about medications, diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Support for transitioning from the hospital to home

Currently, we have commercial contracts with Cigna and Florida Blue. We are in the process of adding additional commercial contracts and actively exploring Medicare ACO. 

To view your medical records or create an account, visit our portal. 

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An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a group of healthcare providers and ancillary professionals working together to manage and coordinate care for their patients. An ACO has four primary goals:

1) Improve patient outcomes
2) Improve patient satisfaction and engagement
3) Improve provider satisfaction and engagement
4) Improve appropriate utilization by being proactive in getting patients access to care

The ACO staff review records and reach out the assigned patients to ensure that annual visits are taking place and that you are staying on top of any screenings for medical conditions you may have or be at risk of developing. They also work with your physicians to eliminate any barriers to care you might experience.

No. We encourage our patients to see the providers with the best possible outcomes but the choice is entirely up to you, provided they are covered by your insurance.

The ACO staff and physicians all follow closely the rules and regulations determined by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). If we are helping you retrieve documents, everything is sent securely and confidentially.

No. The care coordination and support are provided to you free of cost.