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Broward Health ACO Providers

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Broward Health ACO Services, Inc. is an accountable care organization which serves to better manage the health of populations, achieve efficiencies in care delivery and improve overall experience and satisfaction of patients and their families. As an ACO Broward Health has entered into commercial contracts with Cigna and Florida Blue. We are currently in the process of adding additional commercial contracts and actively exploring a Medicare ACO. Our goal is to improve patient access to health care, enhance care coordination, and achieve the goal of improved health, affordability enhance patient experience and offer providers continued medical education activities. Patients benefit from improved care coordination and greater emphasis on preventive care.

Our collaboration with Cigna and Florida Blue helps close gaps in care such as missed health screenings or prescription refills, cultivating the appropriate use of hospital emergency rooms, increasing the number of preventive health visits, providing additional support to patients at risk for COVID-19 and improving follow-up care for people transitioning from the hospital to home, regardless of their diagnosis.

Broward Health ACO Services, is collaborating with South Florida physicians that aim to improve the quality of patient care and satisfaction. To accomplish this, the participating health plans will advise ACO physicians and Broward Health should potential gaps in care be identified of aligned patients. These aligned patients are closely monitored by the health plans for compliance with preventive and follow up care. Broward Health ACO Services communicates with physicians and office staff providing updates, reports, and assist in gathering patient level information when applicable, such as completion of evidenced based preventive screenings.

Our population health team consists of RN care coordinators, a pharmacist and mental health professionals who will collaborate with our community partners to assess care needs and create a patient care plan as appropriate. We will work to identify any potential barriers a patient may have and assist in assuring appropriate resources, (i.e.: Home Care, Social Services, Pharmacy, and Behavioral Health) are provided. When patients are hospitalized, we will work with the discharge planners at the hospital to ensure that all providers have the transition of care information needed to maintain continuity of care.


By participating in the Broward Health ACO, you have access to our RN Care Coordinators and behavioral health staff.  In addition, you will be given access to software that you can use to monitor your progress and opportunities.  Our goal is to support you, not smother you, so what benefits you utilize are entirely up to you and your staff.  You are welcome to participate in committees and our Board meetings are open to the public and providers alike. 


It provides your patients an added level of support, including our free RN Connect triage line that they can contact after-hours before going to the Emergency Department.  The RN Connect staff follow triage protocols and work to get your patient back to you as soon as possible for any needed follow up.


If Broward Health ACO receives shared savings from our contracts, you will be eligible to receive additional revenue based on how well you have attained your quality metrics during the time period.

No. Broward Health does not negotiate or get involved in your reimbursement from the insurance companies. That remains completely between you and the payer.

Your patients will receive enhanced coordinated, collaborative care at no cost to them or you. The ACO staff will work to help them complete their annual visits and recommended screenings on time and will assist them in addressing any barriers to care such as filling medications or getting access to their records from other providers. In addition, we work closely with the local hospitals to prevent avoidable readmissions.

No. We want your patients to get care from the physicians and providers with the best possible outcomes. Sometimes that may be a Broward Health provider, but it is never required or pressured. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your patients.

The ACO is overseen by a Board of Directors. The ACO has established physician-led committees to oversee and provide input on guidelines, clinical outcomes and utilization, infrastructure, and patient engagement. ACO physicians are invited and encouraged to participate on or even co-chair these committees.

No. There is no downside or financial risk associated with participation and no financial investment is required to join the Broward Health ACO.

Yes. The only limitation is that as a Primary Care Provider, you have to choose which insurance contracts to work on. For example, you can be part of Broward Health ACO and work with Cigna and Florida Blue through us and participate with another ACO and participate in United or Aetna with them.

We have collaborative agreements with Cigna and Florida Blue. We are actively working to add additional commercial contracts this year. We also are preparing to apply for Medicare Shared Savings Program to begin January 2023.

Providers interested in participating in the Broward Health ACO Services, Inc. should contact Gavin Malcolm, Director of Population Health, at 954-759-7414 or email [email protected]We can answer any questions you may have and get you started in completing the provider agreement.

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Providers interested in participating in the Broward Health ACO Services, Inc. should contact Gavin Malcolm, Director of Population Health, at 954-759-7414 or email [email protected].