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Take the First Step Towards Lasting Recovery

Broward Health is committed to high-quality comprehensive care of substance use disorders and/or co-occurring conditions.  Broward Health Medical Center’s iMATR (Integrated Medication-Assisted Treatment Response)  program is an outpatient comprehensive care center that can help the most challenging patients experiencing a substance use disorder with a focus mainly on opioid and stimulant use disorders.

IMATR provides medication-assisted treatment and maintenance as needed to address the physical aspects of addiction while also offering a range of therapeutic interventions to address the psychological and social factors contributing to substance use disorders. 


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Find Healing and Hope with iMATR


The Broward Health Medical Center's iMATR program encompasses a person-centered, trauma-focused treatment approach for treating substance use disorders and/or co-occurring conditions. Emerging research has documented the relationships among exposure to traumatic events, impaired neurodevelopment and immune system responses and subsequent health risk behaviors resulting in chronic physical or behavioral health disorders. Research has also indicated that with appropriate support and intervention, people can overcome traumatic experiences. Unaddressed trauma significantly increases the risk of mental and substance use disorders and chronic physical diseases.


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Removing Barriers and Providing Support

iMATR assists individuals in accessing various services that eliminate obstacles to the recovery process. Services include but are not limited to Broward Health’s Medical Options for Patient Eligibility Department (MOPED) to determine eligibility for health insurance and/or financial assistance, linkage to SOAR assistance for social security disability, SNAP, Assurance Wireless access, educational support and linkages such as VocRehab, OIC, Footprints to Success, linkage to CareerSource Broward and assistance with resume building, job searching techniques, preparation for interviews and enhancement of job skills and finally linkage or access to recovery residences for safe recovery-oriented housing.

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Hospital Opioid Bridge Program

Broward Health has launched the Hospital Opioid Bridge Program. It connects the hospital to its substance use treatment center, focusing on uninsured, underinsured and medically underserved community members.

A team of substance use specialists identify individuals struggling with substance use disorders in emergency departments and guide them to the necessary care.

The Bridge program offers Medication assisted treatment (suboxone) to people looking to start MAT or experiencing Opioid withdrawals. We then connect them to a program for continuation of MAT services in the community or the iMATR clinic for those that are uninsured.

The program aims to help up to 200 patients per year, changing lives and healing families. Nine full-time employees provide a range of services, from lab testing to crisis support. Even after discharge, patients continue receiving support through respite and home health services.

In essence, the Hospital Opioid Bridge Program is Broward Health's commitment to providing vital care to its community.


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