Developing Effective Lines of Communications

  1. Access to the Chief Compliance Officer
    The Chief Compliance Officer will make every attempt to be available for any Workforce Members of Broward Health that needs assistance in determining potential compliance issues. In addition, the Chief Compliance Officer is available by appointment, telephone call, email or contacting the compliance hotline. As an advocate of compliance related issues and conduct, the Chief Compliance Officer works and communicates closely with the chain of command to ensure the organization is operating with the state and federal laws.

    Brian Kozik
    Senior Vice President,
    Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer
    Broward Health Corporate Compliance
    t - 954.473.7548;
    f - 954.473.753;
    c - 978.407.0012;
  1. Methods of Reporting

    Effective and timely communication is the foundation of an effective compliance program. The prompt identification of potential compliance issues related to fraud, waste and abuse will allow Broward Health to provide quality services to its patients by instituting timely corrective actions. Any suspected conduct of wrongdoing can be reported via any of the following mechanisms:
  • An immediate supervisor or department director;
  • Chief Compliance Officer;
    • Contact information here
  • Any member of the Corporate Compliance Department Staff;
  • General Counsel;
    • General office contact information here
  • Any member of the General Counsel’s office staff;
  • Compliance and Ethics Reporting Hotline managed by a third-party vendor and can be anonymous.
  • Sending an email to

It is Broward Health’s expectation that all Workforce Members should be able to communicate their concerns freely by any mechanism in which they feel comfortable or choose to report. Broward Health shall maintain a Compliance hotline that Workforce Members, patients, patients and third parties may call to report potential violations. Broward Health will treat any such reports with utmost discretion consistent with the fair and rigorous enforcement of the Compliance Program. In addition, to further encourage reporting; Broward Health has established a Compliance Hotline 888.511.1370 to which Workforce Members, patients, patients and third parties can report issues anonymously. Reporters should try to provide as much information for the Corporate Compliance Department to conduct a thorough investigation of the alleged issues (Who, what, where, why, when and how).

The Chief Compliance Officer will maintain a database of the reported compliance concerns. This database will record the compliance issues reported. The database will be used to manage the development and resolution of action plans to address the underlying issues to improve compliance program effectiveness. Access will be limited to those persons at Broward Health with specific responsibility for compliance issues and confidential to the extent allowable by State and Federal law

  1. Reporting Suspected Violations

    The Corporate Compliance and Ethics Department in conjunction with General Counsel and other departments will coordinate activities to report programs fraud, waste and abuse to the appropriate government agencies and respond to all inquiries from law enforcement agencies, including but not limited to, providing administrative, financial and medical records as requested.

  2. Reporting to the Compliance Committee and Board of Commissioners

    The Chief Compliance Officer will report compliance issues to the Chair of the Board of Commissioners and the Compliance Committee Members immediately if an urgent matter arises. Periodic reporting of Compliance issues and activities will occur at least quarterly to the Compliance Committee as well as the Board of Commissioners. The report will include at minimum; hotline activity, results of any audits/reviews and any identified risks to the organization.