Community Relations

Community Relations

How Broward Health is Making a Difference

Impact Statistics

Through our community collaboration, Broward Health touches countless lives through health education and outreach.

Annually, Broward Health admits more than 51,000 patients, including:

  • 5,300+ births
  • 260,000+ emergency visits
  • 275,000+ physician visits

Broward Health is committed to improving the health and well-being of the diverse communities it serves in South Florida. It offers a wide range of medical services, including preventative care, acute care, and specialty services, to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care possible. Broward Health also collaborates with local community organizations to address social determinants of health and promote health equity.


Broward Health provides more than $354 million annually in total benefit to the community through care for the uninsured, charity care, Medicaid subsidies, and other programming.

Sponsorship Opportunites

Event Sponsorship

Broward Health sponsors events and activities that support our hospitals, programs, priorities, and mission as a public health system. Each request is carefully reviewed once the organization has successfully completed a VRS profile and our compliance department has approved it. For an organization to be considered for sponsorship, the organization must be a 501(c) nonprofit or a government nonprofit entity and provide services in Broward County. Sponsorship requests can take up to 120 days to be considered. If Broward Health approves your request, our community affairs team will notify the organization via email. To complete a request for an event, click here.


Annual Partnership

If your organization has multiple events, programs, and services throughout the year, please complete the annual partnership form. The process is the same as the general sponsorship request listed above. To apply for an annual partnership, click here. 

Health Fair

If you are interested in having Broward Health at an upcoming health fair, please complete a request form. Health fair requests may take up to 45 days. We encourage applicants to complete requests as soon as possible.

If Broward Health can fulfill the request, one of our team members from the community affairs department will contact you. To complete a health fair request, click here.


Participation Criteria

1. The proposed sponsorship must support and promote the District's mission, vision, and strategic priorities; and

2. The requesting organization or entity must: (i) promote and support worthwhile community services to the residents of the District; or (ii) be a charity or fund-raising event that generates funds back to the District; or (iii) be another program, activity, or event that will provide benefit to the District through the promotion of health and prevention of illness and injury; or (iv) be an educational program, activity or event related to healthcare; and  

3. The request must come from a 501C nonprofit organization.


Exclusion Criteria

The following programs, organizations, activities, and events shall not be considered for the District sponsorship: 

1. Those which are political or for-profit in nature or purpose.

2. Those that have a personal, individual, or otherwise limited application, appeal or benefit.

3. Those outside of the District's powers under its Charter, and those for which Sponsorship by the District would be prohibited by the Florida Constitution or other applicable law, or those which would be considered private inurnment under applicable law. 

Broward Health employee at an event in the community showing how to stop the bleed using a tourniquet

Broward Health Gives Back

Broward Health is a public, non-profit hospital system that is dedicated to the community and is involved in various charitable initiatives, such as supporting local schools and funding healthcare programs for underserved populations. Through its community outreach efforts, Broward Health aims to improve the overall health and well-being of the people in its service area.

Broward Health has partnered with over 120 local organizations to support their missions, programs and services.

Community Health Needs Assessment

A community health needs assessment (CHNA) is a systematic process for evaluating the health and well-being of a specific population and identifying the priority health issues and needs within that community. The assessment involves a variety of data sources, including surveys, public health data, and input from community stakeholders. The information gathered through a community health needs assessment is used to guide the development of programs, policies, and initiatives aimed at improving health outcomes and addressing the health needs of the community. Not-for-profit hospital organizations are required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) to conduct a CHNA once every three years.  

As a part of IRS regulations, hospital organizations are required to conduct a community health needs assessment, which serves as a guiding document for strategic planning. By utilizing the process of developing a community health needs assessment, North Broward Hospital District, d/b/a Broward Health, has positioned itself to address local health needs that are not being met.

View Community Health Needs Assessment