Broward Health has teamed up with MyChart to make accessing your medical records a breeze! With this partnership, you can easily connect with your healthcare providers, request prescription refills, and check out your test results—all in one convenient place.

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Access all of your health information in a single location

Discover your medications, test results, upcoming appointments, medical bills, price estimates, and additional information, all conveniently centralized in one location, regardless of whether you've visited multiple healthcare organizations.

Before stepping into your appointment, conveniently check in beforehand. Keep tabs on your lab results and effortlessly refill prescriptions. Need guidance or have questions? Your doctor is just a message away. Easily manage your bills and stay updated on your current medications. Plus, access your child's or dependent's medical records when necessary. Gain a comprehensive overview of your health status, all in one place.

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Family care all in one

Stay on top of everyone's appointments and check in on family members who need extra help, all from your account.

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How to Sign Up for MyChart

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  • Go to MyChart
  • Enter your: Activation code, Personal info
  • Create a username and password
  • Confirm your email address
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Download MyChart App

Download the MyChart mobile app for a secure and convenient health connection. Access your health information with ease from your tablet or smartphone, ensuring that your data is protected at all times. With the app, you can manage your care effortlessly from anywhere, empowering you to stay informed and in control of your health journey.

How MyChart Works FAQ for Patients

Progress notes are shared by default with patients. Clinicians have the option of manually sharing other types of notes.

All diagnoses are shared with the patient unless they are manually unshared by a clinician.

All results are released to MyChart.

Normal labs are released immediately after they are resulted. Sensitive results, pathology, genetics, cytology, and advanced medical imaging results are released within 3 days. Other medical imaging results are released within 2 days.

All medications on a patient’s medication list are visible in MyChart.

Patients and proxies can schedule new problem, follow-up, physical, dental cleaning, prenatal, and new gynecological visits through MyChart, in addition to radiology and cardiology procedures.

Proxies have full access to child’s chart until the child turns 13 years old. When the child turns 13, proxies can review insurance coverages, make payments, update demographics, electronically sign documents, and update end-of-life planning information.

MyChart is also available in Arabic (only in the MyChart mobile app), Danish, Dutch, English (UK), Finnish, French, German, German (Switzerland), Spanish, and Swedish. Note that while most text within MyChart is translated, clinical content and messaging remain in English.


Linking Accounts

If you've visited more than one healthcare place, you probably have a bunch of health records floating around. With MyChart, you can link them to your Broward Health’s MyChart account in just a few clicks!

By connecting your accounts from participating organizations, you can access a wealth of information in your MyChart, such as allergies, health history, and medications. You might also be able to view and manage messages, test results, appointments, and your care team members.

Linking Organizations

To link your accounts:

  1. Sign in to your Broward Health MyChart account
  2. Go to Menu > Link My Accounts
  3. Search for the organization you want to link
  4. Click "Link Account"
  5. Verify your information by logging into the other account (this is a one-time step)
  6. Once linked, both accounts will appear on your Broward Health's MyChart homepage
  7. Easily switch between accounts by clicking "Switch Organization" at the top

Troubling finding your organization?

Linking accounts may not be an option with all healthcare providers. Visit to check which organizations currently use Happy Together and which ones are planning to join soon.

Proxy Access

What is proxy access?

Proxy access lets you view and manage someone else's medical records in your MyChart account or share access to your account with someone else.

For Parents of Children

  • For kids born at Broward Health after February 1, 2024, parents automatically get proxy access to their child's MyChart account at birth.
  • If your child wasn't born at Broward Health or is under 12 years old, just ask at your next appointment or call the MyChart Patient Support Line at (225) 215-7245.
  • Parents have full access to their minor child's MyChart until their 12th birthday, after which access is removed. Minors over 12 can sign up for their own MyChart account.

For Adults Accessing Another Adult's Medical Record

You must be at least 18 years old to have proxy access to another person's medical record. The proxy will need a Broward Health's MyChart account. Access can be set up through the Sharing Hub in the MyChart Menu.

Have questions about MyChart?

Read our FAQs or call our MyChart Patient Support Line 225-215-7245 for assistance!
MyChart FAQ's