Antoinette Mowatt

Antoinette Mowatt

"I Had a Good Experience"

Antoinette Mowatt, 52, loves playing with her grandchildren and going to the gym. For the longest time she found doing those things difficult due to painful menstrual cramps. “It got worse later on in life,” Antoinette said. “When I had menstrual cramps, I was constantly taking pain medicine. It was bad.”

“Ms. Mowatt was suffering from uterine fibroids,” said Delisa Skeete-Henry, M.D., obstetrics-gynecology. The Broward Health Medical Center surgeon recommended a robotic-assisted supracervical hysterectomy. “With the da Vinci Xi robot, my patients often have a quicker recovery and can spend less time in the hospital and consequently less time off work. They also may use less pain medication,” Skeete-Henry said.

Antoinette recalled how she felt immediately after the September 2018 procedure. “After I came out there was no pain.” “I had a good experience,” she said.

Her recovery included one night in the hospital, and shortly after the surgery she was back to exercising. Nearly two years after the procedure, Antoinette reported that there is still no major menstrual pain.

“I can do my walking and my biking. I love my workout,” she said. “It is no pain, no problem.”

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