Cameah Toussaint

Cameah Toussaint

“They Worked Diligently to Save My Child’s Life”

Cameah Toussaint survived a near drowning. She was at a pool party in August, eating a sandwich while standing near the pool’s edge, when another child came along and pushed her into the pool.

Cameah, 7, knows how to swim, but because she had food lodged in her throat, she panicked and went into shock. 

Cameah was rescued by a boy and an adult who saw her go under and pulled her out of the water. Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Rescue responded, providing life-saving CPR.  

“The fire department was outstanding in getting her to breathe again,” said Cameah’s mother, Porsha, who wasn’t at the party. The life-saving work continued when Cameah arrived at the children’s emergency department at Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital in Coral Springs.

“My baby fought for her life, but without the remarkable medical expertise from the doctors and nurses, Cameah’s full recovery would have not been made possible,” Porsha said. “The care she was given by the nurses at the hospital was remarkable. They were so informative and attentive to our every need considering this was a very hard situation for us to go through.” 

Today, Cameah is back to doing the things she likes most – singing, dancing and just having fun. 

“I appreciate all parties involved that worked so diligently to save my child’s life,” Porsha said. “Cameah is a strong-willed child that has a major purpose. Thanks to all medical personnel, she now has another chance at life.”

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