David Feinberg

David Feinberg

“Everyone Was Amazing at Broward Health”
In early 2021, David Feinberg developed jaundice. The medical condition, which causes skin or the whites of eyes to turn yellow, sent him to the Emergency Department at Broward Health Medical Center. It was there that he learned jaundice can be a sign of cancer.

Shortly after, Feinberg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and required a Whipple procedure and chemotherapy. The 67-year-old sought a second opinion on when to have the procedure to treat his tumors.

“I discussed the options with my brothers, and we decided to go with Dr. Joshua Shaw’s recommendation to do the Whipple surgery, first, and then chemo treatment,” Feinberg said. “I really wanted to be able to beat cancer and continue doing the things I love like being with my grandchildren and playing golf.”

Shannon Keating, D.O., a hematologist-oncologist with Broward Health Physician Group, and the multidisciplinary medical team at Broward Health Medical Center helped Feinberg get on the path to being a cancer survivor.

Today, Feinberg is back to enjoying time with his grandchildren and playing golf.

“Everyone at Broward Health went above and beyond for me,” he said. “It was amazing.”

For those going through cancer, Feinberg said: “I would tell you to definitely have a positive outlook on life. Each day is a gift, and I thank God for each day.”

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