Gisella Velasco

Gisella Velasco

“Everyone Was So Reassuring”

The thing that alarmed Gisella Velasco was the sudden burning sensation. She felt as if her entire body was boiling. “I went to the emergency room and as soon as I arrived I was taken in to get different exams,” she said of her November 2018 visit to Broward Health Coral Springs.

“Everyone was so reassuring and treated me with such care and compassion.”

It was determined that Gisella had a hematoma on her right hip. A hematoma develops when blood vessels are damaged and leak. It forms as the blood clots. As a result of the hematoma, Gisella’s appendix was removed.

“If I can remember anything from that visit is the kindness that exuded from their eyes -- from the doctors to the nurses to the techs. I remember how confident they seemed doing their job and it made me feel well taken care of,” she said. 

Gisella is especially grateful for general surgeon Niranjan Shintre, M.D.  “He was such a lifesaver. I can’t thank him enough and all the other doctors and nurses that were involved in my recovery.”

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