John Farley

John Farley

"Look at Me Now"

Pastor John Farley of Lighthouse Bible Church was experiencing pain in his ribs and back. In March of this year, with the debilitating pain worsening, his daily tasks became challenging.

“I was starting to lose my ability to walk,” he said. “I couldn’t stand for too long, and I wasn’t getting quality sleep. I knew something was wrong.”

Farley was previously diagnosed with lung cancer and was in remission.

“There were no other indications that it came back other than the pain I started to feel again.”

Farley was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine, causing the neurological symptoms he experienced. Following surgery, Farley was referred to Broward Health North’s Rehabilitation Institute, where physical therapist Sheryl Delgado provided Farley with physical and occupational therapy treatments.

“Mr. Farley showed daily progress at a rate I did not expect,” said Delgado. “During my initial evaluation, he had general muscle weakness and neurological deficits, such as lack of coordination and balance, which resulted in very unsteady walk.”

Despite the obstacles, Farley persevered.

“In less than 10 days, he was already walking with a walker from his room to the gym two floors down,” Delgado said, “and he was also able to climb stairs without help.”

“Sheryl took me on and stayed with me every step of the way,” Farley said. “She kept pushing me; I loved it. I started making little victories along the way, and when I was able to climb the stairs, I would have thought it was impossible. Look at me now.”

Farley continues to make progress and is preaching before his congregation once again.

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