Leslie Orosz

Leslie Orosz

“I Couldn’t Have Asked for Better Medical Care”


In 2019, Les Orosz was enjoying his retirement when his younger brother called to share some bad news. He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and urged Orosz to get tested. Fortunately, Orosz followed that brotherly advice, even though he had no signs or symptoms of the disease.

Based on family history, his doctor screened Orosz with a PSA, or prostate specific antigen, that detected a higher risk of prostate cancer. These results were confirmed with a 4Kscore test, which further identified his risk of aggressive prostate cancer. As part of the medical screening, Orosz had a prostate biopsy that confirmed he had prostate cancer.

During this stressful and scary time, Orosz appreciated the support of his brother, wife and children. He consulted with Michael Tyler, M.D., a urologic oncologist and robotic surgeon, and had a robotic-assisted prostatectomy at Broward Health Coral Springs in April 2020.

“Because Les was a good candidate for robotic surgery,” said Dr. Tyler, “we were able to use technology that enables greater visibility and control, so we could minimize the impact to surrounding nerves and tissue.”

“It’s fortunate that Les came in and got tested when he did,” said Dr. Tyler. “When prostate cancer is caught early and treated properly, the five-year cancer-free survival rate is close to 95%.”

“I have no doubt that I’m healthy today because my cancer was detected early and had not yet spread,” Orosz said. “I couldn’t have asked for better medical care than I received at Broward Health.”

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