Michelle Heiser

Michelle Heiser

“Cancer is Not Going to Stop Me”

As a veteran driver engineer and paramedic, Michelle Heiser has to make split-second decisions daily.


When she was diagnosed with a non-invasive carcinoma at the age of 43 she didn’t hesitate to do her best to extinguish the cancer. Michelle had two lumpectomies and radiation.


“I would always say, jokingly, that if I ever had cancer it would be in my breast. However, when Michelle was diagnosed she said she was initially angry and in disbelief.


Four years later in 2019, an invasive tumor was found in her right breast. She faced this challenge head-on and had a double mastectomy.


Michelle credits her Broward Health Imperial Point oncology and plastic surgery doctors for making the difference.


“I’ve had the most-compassionate team taking care of me,” she said.


Today, she is on the road to recovery and on fire to educate women about the importance of early detection. 


“I don’t intend to let anything hold me back, and cancer is not going to stop me.”


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