Norman Jacobs

Norman Jacobs

"They Helped Me Find My Strength"

Norman Jacobs, 68, was home relaxing one weekend when he started experiencing a headache so intense that it prompted him to seek medical help. “I had a headache for two days and I thought it was a migraine,” Jacobs said.

His wife took him to a nearby emergency room where he was evaluated. The medical staff determined he was exhibiting signs of a stroke. Norman was then rushed to Broward Health North’s specialty stroke center where he was treated for a brain bleed. “Never in a million years did I think I would be a stroke victim,” he said.  

Once Norman recovered, he began in-patient physical therapy at the Broward Health North Stroke Rehabilitation Center. Norman’s treatment included physical therapy and occupational therapy. On his very first day of rehab, Norman recalled feeling devastated. He was paralyzed on his left side, which prevented him from sitting up or walking. He remembered how the Broward Health North rehab team encouraged him. “They had a way of motivating me,” he said. Norman worked with a physical therapist to regain strength on the left side of his body. “We worked on a lot on balance in order to help him gain more independence standing and walking,” said his physical therapist, Marshall Lieber, MPT.

On his road to recovery, Norman remains positive and grateful for the passionate and advanced stroke care provided. “The stroke unit, in-patient rehab unit and physical therapy team are all outstanding at Broward Health North.”

“The quick response and care that Norman received at the Broward Health North Comprehensive Stroke Center improved his overall well-being,” said Lieber. “We also kept pushing him to work hard to get him back to where he was prior to the stroke.”

Norman is now home where he continues his therapy on an out-patient basis. “The entire team at Broward Health North helped me to find my strength,” he said.

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