Patricia D'Alessandro

Patricia D'Alessandro

“Good Thing I Didn't Postpone My Mammogram”

Counting down the days to her daughter’s wedding, Patricia D’Alessandro was full of joy and was busy planning the special day. Patricia consistently schedules her mammogram every year, but almost cancelled it due to her daughter’s wedding festivities.

Patricia went to her appointment at the Coral Springs Women’s Center, and a few days later received a notice from her doctor that they detected metaplastic carcinoma in her right breast, a rare breast cancer, and it needed to be addressed immediately. “It was scary, I never really had major surgery aside from giving birth to my three children.”

Weeks later, Patricia received a biopsy and soon after met with physicians at Broward Health North to learn about next steps and a plan of action for care. “My visit with my doctor was very pleasant, I was totally informed about the process, side effects, everything that was going to happen and what could possibly happen.”

Following several office visits, Patricia was admitted to Broward Health North and decided to have a double mastectomy. “I thought cancer in one breast would affect the other breast so I decided to have both removed to be safe.”

Patricia recovered in Broward Health North’s Cancer Center and is grateful for the positive experience. The opportunity to see her daughter tie the knot was at stake after her diagnosis but she trusted the process. “I knew that Broward Health North was an excellent hospital and I assumed all of the doctors and nurses were too!”

Patricia made a full recovery and is grateful for the excellent care she received. “The nurses, staff and doctors were excellent. I was very scared about the operation but everyone held my hand and reassured me it would be okay. I couldn’t have asked for a better hospital and care.”

Patricia is looking forward to becoming a grandmother in the near future.

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