Rebecca Bryan

Rebecca Bryan

“Knee Surgery Improved My Life 100 Percent”

Rebecca Bryan, 56, loves taking long walks on the beach near her condo and when the pain in her knees nearly stopped her in her tracks, Rebecca knew it was time to seek advanced care.

Even routine chores were a challenge. “I could not walk through a grocery store to buy the things I needed,” Rebecca said. Over time, she used conservative treatment options to mitigate the pain with limited success. “My knees kept getting worse, especially the right one,” she said.

Rebecca’s primary care physician referred her to Adam Lipman, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon at Broward Health North. Following her diagnostic exam and consultation with Dr. Lipman, Rebecca selected to have a total knee replacement on her right knee at Broward Health North's Joint Replacement Center.

“I felt very comfortable talking to Dr. Lipman about what was going on, and I was confident that he was someone that I wanted to take care of this knee,” Rebecca said. “I now call him my ‘knee hero’.”

Rebecca underwent a robotic-assisted total knee replacement and was back on her feet the next day. Her steps to fully recovering, included attending group physical therapy while at the hospital. She also participated in outpatient and at-home therapy sessions for several weeks.

“All of the nurses and physical therapists were extremely helpful, informative, patient and kind,” Rebecca said.

Within two months, Rebecca was back to her walks on the beach. These days, her strolls are pain-free. “Having robotic-assisted surgery was the one action that I decided to take that improved my life 100 percent.”

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