Renee Feldman

Renee Feldman

"I Am Not Supposed to Be Here Today"

Renee Feldman was walking her dogs when she felt what seemed like indigestion that continued to worsen to what felt like her chest was going to explode. Renee, a 62-year-old grandmother was terrified and scared. She came through the emergency department at Broward Health Coral Springs with an active heart attack. 

Gary Lai, D.O., emergency medicine, was working at the time Renee arrived.  The medical team and Lai worked quickly and compassionately to stabilize Renee. “As soon as I arrived at the emergency department, the medical professionals were working such passion and caring,” said Renee. “I will never forget Dr. Lai and his team. They were my lifesavers.”  

“With an active heart attack, I am not supposed to be here today, but getting the right medical care saved my life. My grandson keeps me young and active and I get to live to see him grow up.”

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