Sharnie Earle

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Sharnie Earle

Maternity Place
Engineer Welcomes Baby at Hospital She Helped Renovate

For Sharnie Earle, business development engineer at Turner Construction Company in Miami, choosing her favorite work project is easy. Earle spent 14 months as an engineer during the 2013 modernization of The Maternity Place at Broward Health Medical Center and fell in love with the dedicated staff and newly redesigned rooms.

When Earle found out that she was pregnant with her first child, there was only one hospital that came to mind. 

"Knowing the design of the facility and the level of care I would receive from the clinical staff, it was a very easy decision to make," said Earle. "My doctor gave me the option to pick from a few different hospitals, but I knew that Broward Health had the whole family in mind when it came to my care."

The project included a series of phased renovations to the hospital's Maternity Place, which now features 36 private suites, three deluxe Empress Suites with extra-spacious family areas and full-size beds for dads or partners.

"While working on the project, I remembered thinking that the rooms had a family feel," Earle said. "I never thought that in a couple of years it would be my family experiencing them."

Her daughter, Penelope, was born in October 2016, and in November 2018 The Maternity Place was proud to welcome Earle as she gave birth to her second child, Pierce.

"All of the Turner projects I've worked on are exciting, but to work on a project and then become a patient was incredible," said Earle. "While they're too young to realize it now, one day I'll be able to tell my kids, 'I helped build the hospital you were born in,' and I know they'll be proud. It's a lot to be thankful for."

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