Stephanie Popov

Bariatric Surgery

Stephanie Popov

Bariatric Surgery
“I Wish I Had Done This 10 Years Ago”

Stephanie PopovStephanie Popov, R.N., 35, just achieved incredible weight loss. After undergoing bariatric surgery at Broward Health Imperial Point, she lost close to 140 pounds in a nine-month span. Sadly, there are barely any pictures to document her success. Mostly because, for the longest time, Popov did not like having her picture taken.

"I don't like seeing myself at that weight," Popov said. "My self-esteem was definitely impacted."

A dedicated nurse at Broward Health Imperial Point and mother of three, Popov remembers struggling with her weight since she was 5 years old. After having children, the pounds kept accumulating. At her heaviest, Popov was 333 pounds, more than twice the recommended amount for her 5-feet-7-inch frame.

Popov had unsuccessfully tried different ways to lose weight and considered bariatric surgery for years, but the timing was never right. Finally, in April 2018, Popov realized she had had enough. She booked an appointment with Michael Choi, D.O., bariatric surgeon at Broward Health Imperial Point, and underwent surgery in May.

"A common bariatric procedure is called gastric sleeve, which involves removing between 70 to 80 percent of the stomach. With a reduced stomach, the impulse to eat maybe minimized and weight loss can be achieved," said Choi. "As much as the surgery has been successful on Stephanie, it's 100 percent due to her effort, because she has been exercising in conjunction with the surgery."

Today, at 197 pounds, Popov is close to reaching her healthy weight. She feels an increase in energy and reduced knee pain.

"I wish I had done this 10 years ago," Popov said. "I feel wonderful."

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