Steven Kahn

Broward Health Imperial Point

Steven Kahn

Broward Health Imperial Point
“It’s Pretty Much a Miracle That I’m Still Alive.”

For Steven Kahn, 41, recovering from COVID-19 has been a struggle.

Nearly a year after being diagnosed with the deadly virus, Steven said he has "good days and bad days."

Despite his bouts with extreme physical fatigue, mental fog and post-traumatic stress disorder, Steven is deeply grateful for the care he received at Broward Health Imperial Point.

"I credit the doctors and nurses for saving my life," he said. "It’s pretty much a miracle that I’m still alive, and I’m able to be a father to my 5-month-old daughter and a husband to my wife, Penny."

Steven was one of the first patients at the Fort Lauderdale hospital to be admitted for COVID-19 in March of 2020. On March 25, he was having trouble breathing and his wife rushed him to the Emergency Department.

Steven, who didn’t have any underlying health conditions, failed to improve and was admitted to Broward Health Imperial Point’s dedicated COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU). That’s where he remained for nearly a month on a ventilator.

"When I woke up, I couldn’t move," Steven said. While receiving care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), he had lost about 50 pounds, his muscles and some motor skills.

Starting with in-patient rehabilitation, Steven began to rebuild his strength and re-learn how to walk.

"Many of the nurses and doctors who helped me through all of this have become my friends," he said. "We keep in contact."

Samantha Cohen, RN, was part of the medical team who cared for Steven at Broward Health Imperial Point. "Steven and his family hold a special place in all of our hearts," she said. "Steven was one of our younger COVID-19 patients, and we knew he and his wife, Penny, were expecting their first child together. We would talk to him every day and tell him to keep fighting for his family."

For motivation, the nursing team placed Steven’s wedding photo on his suite wall.

"Not only was the photo his motivation, it was our motivation to get him through the challenging time," Samantha said. "The day that Steven was preparing to be discharged to start his rehabilitation, we all ran up to the fourth floor, so we could say our goodbyes and wish him all the best."

Today, Steven is enjoying his life and working on a documentary about his COVID-19 battle.

"I love hearing my daughter cry -- not because I want her to be upset -- but because it means I am here to hear her and comfort her," he said.

If Steven can share one thing about his experience, it’s for others to remain cautious. "This pandemic is not behind us," he said. "Contracting COVID-19 can happen to anyone. Be careful. Wear a mask. And, get the vaccine."

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