Steven Valancy

Steven Valancy

“I Want to Live and to be Healthy"

Steven Valancy was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2016. However it was only this past year that he became serious about his health as a member of the Wellness Center at Broward Health Medical Center. “I wanted to live and to be healthy,” said Valancy. “I didn’t want to lose my eyesight or my limbs.”

Wellness Center Coordinator, Cara Boyarin, recalled how Valancy went from “an infrequent exercise schedule to committing almost seven days a week to exercise and meeting with the certified diabetes educator and licensed dietician.”

Today, the 59-year-old Fort Lauderdale lawyer is devoted to spinning and working out with this personal trainer. A typical workout day for Valancy includes walks to and from the Wellness Center with his wife, completing about 20 miles on the spinning bike, and overall body-conditioning.

He says the staff at the Wellness Center have become an extended family. Valancy has lost more than 35 pounds and his future goal is to lose an additional 20 pounds. His noted some changes only show up on medical charts, such as his hemoglobin A1C levels, which have dropped along with a dip in his bad cholesterol. He regularly checks his blood sugar levels and notices the difference when he works out.  

“This was a two-fold change; Steven increased his exercise and he changed his diet,” said Boyarin. “By changing his lifestyle – exercising, losing weight, controlling his cholesterol and diabetes, he has now reduced his cardiovascular disease risk factors and can live a healthier life.”

“I am at a completely different place in my life,” said Valancy.  “I used to be tied to my desk and eating the wrong food. Now I work out almost every day and I feel great.”

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