Walker Maymon

Walker Maymon

NICU Family Gives Back to Hospital That Saved Their Child’s Life

Walker Maymon’s journey began right at the start of the pandemic in April 2020.

On a spring morning, Marla Maymon, already a mother of two, welcomed her third baby into the world. However, the joyous occasion quickly turned into worry because throughout the day Walker refused to eat and had a lot of reflux.

Broward Health Medical Center’s multidisciplinary team took an x-ray of Walker's abdomen. As the day progressed, the situation worsened, prompting the parents to consult their pediatrician and jointly decide to transfer Walker to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) under the care of NICU Medical Director and Pediatrix neonatologist Johny Tryzmel, M.D.

“I was very nervous and anxious, but it was an absolute blessing that we were at Broward Health Medical Center and a Level III NICU was just steps away,” Marla said.

For eight days, the Maymon family experienced a roller coaster of emotions as they navigated through the unknowns of Walker's condition.

“Dr. Tryzmel told us that he was going to take care of my son like he was his,” said Walker’s father, David Maymon. “From that point on I put my faith entirely in his hands and what he did was miraculous.”

A turning point for the family was on a late Saturday night at 11:20 p.m. when Dr. Tryzmel entered the patient’s room with a stack of articles and informed them that he had consulted with nearly 15 physicians from across the country and figured out what was wrong with their son. Dr. Tryzmel and his team diagnosed Walker with a rare condition called gastric lactobezoar.

“This condition affects the baby’s ability to eat and causes episodes of vomiting related to gastric absorptive processes,” Dr. Tryzmel said.

The NICU team started a special treatment and management, and Walker responded remarkably well.

“In continuation with the clinical investigation, we discovered that Walker's condition is extremely rare, with only a few cases documented in the last 40 years of medical research,” Dr. Tryzmel said.

Walker, now almost 4, is thriving with the love and support of his family. In gratitude for the exceptional care received at Broward Health Medical Center, the Maymon family decided to give back.

“The level of professionalism and empathy from Ms. Betty, who would pray with me every morning at the front desk, to Dr. Tryzmel’s team was absolutely incredible,” David said.

During the 10th annual Broward Health Ball in 2023, the Maymon family donated $25,000 to the Broward Health Foundation. Less than a year later, the Maymon family flew in from Texas to visit Dr. Tryzmel and his staff in the NICU. Joined by leaders from Broward Health and the Broward Health Foundation, they dedicated a plaque in the very room where Walker was once admitted.

“You are creating a pathway for families to get the care they need in a time of crisis,” said Shane Strum, President & CEO of Broward Health. “We are deeply appreciative of this gift; we can't do it without the support from generous donors like you making healthcare possible for families in Broward County.”

Walker's name now stands outside the door, a testament to the strength of the Maymon family and the unwavering dedication of the medical professionals who played a crucial role in his early days.

“I really want the community to know the gem of a hospital they have here in Broward County, with an amazing team of doctors, nurses and leadership at Broward Health,” David said. “I’m so grateful for that level of dedication and commitment to my son.”