Childhood Concussion Treatment and Recovery

Concussions are traumatic head injuries that occur from both mild and severe blows to the head. They are not only associated with professional athletes but also with school and recreational youth sports. A repetitive concussion can cause permanent cognitive, balance and visual issues, so it is essential to access quality care and monitor these potentially severe injuries.

While nearly all school and youth sports leagues require a standard sports physical, these examinations will not provide doctors with enough information about a child’s cognitive abilities should a concussion occur.

The Broward Health Concussion Care Program offers comprehensive services for sports and concussion diagnosis and management, including:

  • Baseline and post-injury concussion (ImPACT) testing for children ages 10 to 18.
  • Pediatric emergency departments are available 24/7 at Broward Health Coral Springs and Broward Health Medical Center.
  • An expert team of physicians knowledgeable in the diagnosis, treatment and management of concussion injuries.
  • Physical therapists are trained in the management of injured athletes, developing personalized care plans for each patient.

Concussion Signs and Symptoms



Change in sleep patterns

Difficulty concentrating or focusing

Sensitivity to light or noise


Personality change

Decline in academics

Baseline Concussion Testing

Baseline concussion testing, also known as ImPACT, is the most widely recognized computerized concussion evaluation system. It measures memory, attention span, visual and verbal problem solving, reaction time and processing speed. . Baseline tests help determine a child’s normal cognitive brain function. Providers use this valuable information for comparison if a concussion occurs. It helps determine the severity of the concussion, treatment options and when a child has fully recovered.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends ImPACT tests for children over the age of 10 who participate in contact sports, including football, lacrosse, cheerleading, gymnastics, basketball, soccer and hockey. This test is recognized nationwide and has been adopted by the NFL, NHL and Broward County schools.


  • A diagnostic test: ImPACT is one tool medical professionals can use to help measure an individual’s recovery from a concussion.
  • A one-step solution to concussions.
  • A preventive tool: Nothing can prevent concussions.
  • A substitute for medical treatment or management.
  • A replacement for a CT scan, MRI or other medical technology.
  • A home-based test: ImPACT should always be administered by a trained medical professional.
Boy smiling up at nurse writing in a chart
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Why Choose Broward Health?

Broward Health was one of the original concussion clinics in the area. Our therapists have decades of experience and spend more time getting to know each patient to meet their specific needs.

Broward Health also provides extensive follow-up care and therapy to help patients return to play more quickly. Our concussion care community outreach programs include:

  • Educational programs for coaches: These resources outline signs and symptoms of concussion and steps to take when a concussion is suspected.
  • Speakers for parents and parent groups: Learn how to get proper care and treatment for your child if a concussion is suspected.
  • Youth and community sports leagues: These educational programs help minimize typical athletic injuries. Sport-specific strength and conditioning programs are also available, which are designed to reduce injuries.

We serve ages 10 to 18 by appointment only. To schedule an appointment with the Broward Health Concussion Program, call 954.344.3195. Keep in mind insurance does not cover pre-concussion tests, and payment is due at your appointment.

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