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The Broward Health Center for Hand and Upper Extremity treats adults and children suffering from bone and soft-tissue conditions of the hand and upper extremity. Specialized, board-certified physicians work with a comprehensive team to restore your range of motion, decrease pain, and increase strength. The center provides high-quality, individualized treatment plans for patients of any age and all conditions affecting the hand and upper extremity.

Our Comprehensive Team Approach

The Broward Health Center for Hand and Upper Extremity consists of a collaborative team of highly specialized, fellowship-trained, and board-certified hand and upper extremity surgeons working in close partnership with certified hand therapists.

This team of experts works to restore our patients to the highest level of function at home, at work, and throughout their lives.

Our team utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to restore and preserve hand and upper extremity function in adults and children. Patients receive personalized treatment options ranging from therapy and nonsurgical care to precise surgical procedures and correction.

Hand and Upper Extremity Conditions We Treat

Adult & pediatric hand surgery


Arthritis surgery of the upper extremities

Arthroscopic hand & wrist surgery


Carpal tunnel syndrome

Children’s hand, wrist, and elbow

Congenital hand and upper extremity surgery

Contractures after a stroke

Crush injuries

Cubital tunnel syndrome


Dupuytren’s disease and contractures

Extremity replantation



Hand numbness

Hand paralysis

Hand stiffness

Industrial upper extremity injuries


Joint replacements

Kienböck’s disease

Ligament injuries

Nail and fingertip injuries

Nerve injuries in the hand and arm

Olecranon bursitis


Peripheral nerve surgery

Reconstructive correction of fracture deformities

Rheumatoid arthritis

Secondary reconstruction of extremity injuries

Sports injuries




Tendon injuries


Treatment of complex non-unions

Trigger finger


Physical therapist showing elderly patient how to use squeezy ball
Patient in cast talks to doctor

Why Choose Broward Health?

Rehabilitation and physical therapy units at Broward Health work with the Center for Hand and Upper Extremity to provide collaborative and specialized care to individuals suffering from movement disorders or injuries.

With a progressive and integrated continuum of services, rehabilitation services at Broward Health partners with patients to improve their quality of life. Our specialized services in various types of rehabilitation will help you reach your highest level of independent functioning.

Our goal is to help you grow stronger and get back to doing the things you enjoy. Make an appointment or call 954.712.4263 (HAND) for additional information.

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