Everyone Has a Different Path to Wellness

At Broward Health, we listen first because listening is a critical component in understanding your perspectives and challenges. Our team of providers will take care of all aspects of your physical health, including your mental health because positive psychological well-being affects your overall health. We will help you find a path to wellness that works for you – one that is sustainable. We talk about your goals and show you how small changes can make a big difference in your health. We’ll help you find healthy choices including staying on top of age-appropriate screenings by talking through your health needs and personal goals and providing resources to help, such as a nutrition specialist, sleep specialist, or physical therapist. It’s critical to remember that finding a path that works for you is our goal.

Understand How to Impact Your Health

When your body is fueled by fresh, healthy food, your body can perform necessary functions better – and more efficiently. Positive nutrition contributes to your current wellness – and helps reduce the risk of other health issues. Eating a balanced diet of nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats – and staying active – are the most important things you can do to get and stay healthy at any age. In addition to affecting your overall wellness, these same factors contribute to improved chronic disease management.

Sleep also plays a vital role in overall health and disease management. Poor sleep habits are linked to high blood pressure and heart disease, but good rest allows your body to heal and repair. Your blood pressure goes down, giving your heart time to rest and recover. If you are experiencing a lack of restful sleep, talk to your doctor about it. Broward Health's sleep disorders specialists can help.

Aspects of Health and Wellness

Emotional well-being

Mental health

Preventive medicine

Finding balance

Neurological health

Senior services

Health screenings

Occupational well-being

Spiritual mindfulness

Managing chronic diseases

Physical strength

Women's services

Why Choose Broward Health?

Broward Health offers expert clinical care with convenient locations and extensive resources to help you stay healthy. Beginning with our providers, we work with you to achieve your goals, aligning your needs with specialized care, if needed, including:

  • Advanced cardiovascular care
  • Comprehensive cancer expertise
  • Emergency and urgent care services
  • Expert orthopedic care
  • Minimally invasive robotic surgery expertise
  • Certified rehabilitation services
  • Comprehensive pediatric care

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