Lifelong Support for Sickle Cell Disease

Since 2008, Broward Health Medical Center and the Salah Foundation Children's Hospital have treated adult and pediatric sickle cell patients. From diagnosis through all stages of treatment, our experienced and highly specialized team of providers including phlebotomists, compassionate nurses, nurse practitioners, and board-certified hematologists, blends medical advancements with a calm and caring emphasis on patients of all ages.

Treatments and Services for Sickle Cell Patients

The carefully coordinated team approach at Broward Health focuses on helping patients minimize the effects of sickle cell disease, manage pain, and receive as much treatment as possible in an outpatient setting. Part of our medical team’s care for patients with sickle cell anemia often includes conducting an annual sickle cell stroke screening. In this procedure, a transcranial doppler ultrasound (TCD) measures the speed of blood flowing through the vessels in the brain. This specialized diagnostic test helps to see if a patient with certain sickle cell anemias may be at risk for stroke.

We incorporate ancillary services, including nutrition and psychosocial counseling, social services, and bone marrow transplant information, to support our comprehensive approach to care. Our Sickle Cell Day Unit is designed for adults to manage pain and improve their quality of life. We also offer referrals for our pediatric patients.

Services Available Through the Sickle Cell Program

Lab work with markers for severity of sickle cell disease

Intravenous iron chelation therapy in select cases

Blood transfusions

Psychological counseling as needed

Patient support group

Sickle cell education

Timely appointments with staff hematologists

Advanced Technology

Broward Health is one of the few public healthcare systems in the nation to implement a Barcode Medication Administration System (BCMA). This advanced BCMA records, tracks, and ensures patients receive the correct medications in the prescribed dosage and time. With a simple barcoded wristband, patients can see the system at work and feel at ease with the added safety measure. BCMA enables caregivers to work more efficiently and demonstrates Broward Health's commitment to patient safety.

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Why Choose Broward Health?

Our team of multi-disciplinary experts carefully monitors each patient through the continuum of care, starting with your first screening and initial enrollment. As a result, we’ve seen reduced emergency department visits and inpatient hospital stays.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a comprehensive overview of sickle cell, including community resources, research articles, practical hints, and other guidance for patients of all ages. Contact Broward Health Medical Center or Salah Foundation Children's Hospital to learn more and start your sickle cell treatment plan.

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