Memory Loss

Memories are worth holding onto. 

Memory Loss

Memories are worth holding onto. 

Team Approach

The Memory Disorder Center offers an interdisciplinary approach to determine the cause of memory impairments. Our team of specialists includes neurologists, neuropsychologists, social workers and nurses. The Broward Health North Memory Disorder Team utilizes comprehensive neurological exam and neurocognitive testing to diagnose memory disorders.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Memory loss can have many causes. Some can be reversed if you get treatment early enough. Causes of memory loss can include thyroid, kidney or liver problems, certain medications, stroke, head injury, Alzheimer’s, chronic illness, stress, anxiety, MOR depression. The goal after diagnosis is to develop an individualized treatment plan and help families connect with a variety of available community resources.

Caregiver Support

Enhanced support for caregivers is provided by the center through education, training and support groups. The programs for caregivers address the many challenges of daily life, personality changes and unusual behaviors that may interfere with caring for an individual with memory loss.

Care Assistance Program (C.A.P).

We believe that knowledge and understanding empowers families to care for their loved ones in a more effective way and enhances caregiver’s health and well-being. CAP is designed and facilitated by the Memory Disorder Center at Broward Health North to provide caregiver’s with tools to help care for one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia.

Free Memory Screening

Complimentary and confidential memory screenings are offered at the center. Early detection of changes in memory and thinking skills can offer a person the opportunity to take advantage of treatments that may slow changes in memory.

What you need to know

If you are experiencing changes in thinking or memory, we recommend you attend your doctor’s visits with a trusted friend or family member. They can be your advocate, can help you ask questions, take notes, describe symptoms, and remember instructions. They can become a vital part of your care team.

For class schedules and registration, or to make an appointment with our care team call 954.786.7392.

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