Our Policies and Procedures text in field

Our Policies and Procedures text in field

Written Policies and Procedures

  1. Code of Conduct

    Broward Health’s Code of Conduct provides an overview of our guiding principles of how we conduct business and comply with the law. It addresses behaviors that our Workforce Members must follow. The Code of Conduct will be reviewed on a yearly basis.  Our Code of Conduct reinforces Broward Health’s commitment to:
  1. Provide quality patient care
  2. Treat others with respect
  3. Comply with applicable laws, regulations and policies
  4. Abide by privacy regulations
  5. Submit complete, accurate and truthful claims for reimbursement
  6. Prohibit both making and accepting payments for referrals of patients and/or business
  7. Avoiding conflicts of interest

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  1. Policies and Procedures
  2. The Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for developing written policies and procedures governing the Compliance Program. The policies and procedures are available to all Workforce Members via the Broward Health Intranet, Broward Health Employee site, or Vendor Registration System. Corporate Compliance policies shall be reviewed every two years.

Contracted Vendors (Party to a Referral Source Agreement)

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