Patient Logistics Center

One Call Does It All. Patient Transfers and Direct Admissions Are As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Patient Logistics Center

One Call Does It All. Patient Transfers and Direct Admissions Are As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Patient Logistics Center

The Patient Logistics Center (PLC) at Broward Health is available to coordinate all transfers and direct admits within our network of hospitals. With just one brief call you can begin the process to direct admit a patient or request a patient transfer. The PLC is designed to provide a more efficient process for transfers into the Broward Health system by providing 24 hours, 7 days a week access to experienced transfer agents who will serve as your single point of contact coordinating the entire process.

24-Hour PLC Hotline
Local: 954.320.5720
Toll-Free: 833.BH.ACCEPTS (833.242.2237)
Fax: 954.320.5722

 What to expect from our staff:

  • Speak with experienced RNs to facilitate each transfer
  • Request a specific medical/surgical service or physician on call
  • Gain access to the Broward Health network of hospitals adhering to high-quality standards
  • Join a two-way physician to physician conference call with the accepting physician (all calls are recorded for quality purposes)
  • Complete your direct admissions or transfers in about 15 minutes from the time your call is received
  • Confirmation of the capability and capacity to receive your patient at one of our locations
  • Assistance in arranging transportation, if necessary
  • Assignment of the appropriate level bed based on patients reported condition that will be ready when your patient arrives
  • Coordination with sending facility to review insurance requirements, such as eligibility and authorizations, for NON-emergent cases (Case Managers are on duty to assist)
  • Assistance in ensure compliance with EMTALA and other laws regarding transfers of patients between medical facilities

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How to Transfer a Patient

Call our 24/7 hotline (954.320.5720) to speak with an experienced transfer center agent and provide the following information:

•Patient's name, date of birth, diagnosis and reason for transfer
•Sending facility name and physician's name and contact information
•Current clinical status of the patient/level of care requested
•Medical Service(s) required
•Be prepared to fax (954.320.5722) patient’s clinical information, face-sheet or other information to the PLC as requested by the PLC agent

Please note: Requests for transfer will be evaluated based on the patient’s clinical condition, availability of resources and following all applicable patient transfer laws.


Transfer Process updates:

The goal is to keep you informed of your patient’s status throughout the transfer process. The transfer specialists will provide as requested:

•Contact information for the accepting physician
•Updates on bed availability
•The patient's assigned nursing unit and expected arrival time
•Any delays encountered and expected resolution timeframe, if applicable

The team at the Broward Health Patient Logistics Center are available at any time, should questions arise during the transfer process.

Patient Transfer Legal Notice

Access to Emergency Services

Except as otherwise provided by law, all medically necessary transfers shall be made to the geographically closest hospital with the service capability, unless another prior arrangement is in place or the geographically closest hospital is at service capacity. When the condition of a medically necessary transferred patient improves so that the service capability of the receiving hospital is no longer required, the receiving hospital may transfer the patient back to the transferring hospital and the transferring hospital shall receive the patient within its service capability. Florida Statute 395.1041(3)(e).

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