Trauma Services

Level I and Level II Trauma Centers - Adult and Pediatric Care - When Seconds Count

Trauma Services

Level I and Level II Trauma Centers - Adult and Pediatric Care - When Seconds Count

Trauma Services

Specialized Care for the Most Critical Injuries. Trauma care is a surgical specialty that treats the most severe, life-threatening injuries. Trauma centers take care of cases that are beyond what most emergency rooms can handle. There are only 24 trauma centers across Florida. Broward Health has trauma centers at Broward Health Medical Center, Broward Health North, and a pediatric trauma center at Salah Foundation Broward Health Children's Hospital.

  • Our Trauma Center at Broward Health Medical Center is designated a Level I Trauma Center - the highest level available. 
  • Our Trauma Center at Broward Health Children's Hospital is designated a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center - one of only two in Broward County.
  • Our trauma center at Broward Health North is designated a Level II Trauma Center.
  • Our MEDEVAC helicopter transports seriously injured patients from remote areas for immediate care.
  • Our trauma centers work closely with Emergency Medical Services.

How Do You Know If Someone Needs Trauma Care?

Traumatic injuries are so severe that they could cause death if not treated in within the hour. These are often injuries caused by serious vehicle accidents, gun or knife wounds, severe burns, and falls that break multiple bones.

Broward Health Medical Center Trauma Services

The Trauma Center at Broward Health Medical Center has been accredited as a Level I Trauma Center, the highest level available, since 1998 and is the only center treating pediatric trauma patients in the northern two-thirds of the county. Trauma patients are initially evaluated and cared for in the state of the art Trauma Resuscitation Unit which includes 4 trauma resuscitation rooms and 6 observation rooms. A dedicated operating room suite is also available just for trauma patients 24 hours a day. The trauma surgeons and administrative staff at Broward Health Medical Center are involved in ongoing trauma-related research and education and also maintain partnerships with the State of Florida Department of Health, the Broward County Trauma Management Agency, Fire Rescue/EMS agencies and the Medical Examiner.

Broward Health North Trauma Services

Broward Health North became a state-designated Level II trauma center in 1992. Today, our expansions are helping keep up with the growth in our city and neighboring communities. In 2015, Broward Health invested $75 million dollars to expand the trauma center, emergency department and operating rooms. That investment not only reflects the commitment of Broward Health North to provide the highest level of care to our community, but it also increased our ability to serve as a regional disaster response center.

Broward Health North’s trauma services goes above and beyond that of a typical hospital. Broward Health North provides education and outreach in the community, as well as working closely with emergency medical service providers. As a community asset, our community expects us to be responsible stewards of its care, and to do what we do best, save lives.

The Latest Technology

Broward Health is one of the few public healthcare systems in the nation to implement a Barcoded Medication Administration System (BCMA). This advanced BCMA records, tracks and ensures the correct medications are delivered in the prescribed dosage and time, to the right patient. With the use of a simple barcoded wristband, patients can see the system at work and are reassured by the added safety measure. BCMA enables caregivers to work more efficiently and demonstrates Broward Health's commitment to patient safety.

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