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Monday Oct. 10, 2022
Local Couple Gifts $5.5 Million to Broward Health Foundation After Receiving Exceptional Care at Broward Health Imperial Point

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Broward Health Foundation received a gift of $5.5 million last month from Marvin H. Weiner and Jacqueline J. Bernstein, who made their home in Fort Lauderdale's Harbor Beach neighborhood. Their philanthropic gift is one of the largest one-time donations the foundation has received in recent memory.

Picture of Marvin Weiner and Jacqueline Bernstein with trees and water in the backgroundWith this donation to Broward Health, the couple wanted to inspire others to give, to show gratitude for the exceptional care Weiner received during his multiple visits for cancer treatment at Broward Health Imperial Point, and to further the advanced care the hospital provides its patients. Sadly, Weiner passed away on Sept. 6, 2022.

The gift will be used to establish the Jacqueline J. Bernstein and Marvin H. Weiner Imaging Center at Broward Health Imperial Point and to purchase cutting-edge imaging technology including an MRI, which will enable the hospital to provide more patients with high-quality imaging.

A retired entrepreneur with a track record of success, Weiner’s guiding philosophy was “if you’re fortunate to achieve wealth, you have an obligation to share and help others in your community.”

This value is part of his family’s legacy. Weiner’s father imparted to him: “I gave you the last name, you better take care of it.”

“From the moment we arrived at Broward Health Imperial Point, they took such good care of us,” Bernstein said. “Everyone who was involved in Marvin’s care approached both of us with a smile.”

“Our case manager and the medical team went above and beyond to help us and that’s why the hospital is so special to us,” Bernstein said. “We want people to know this hospital really cares and Marvin and I wanted to help them help others.” 

“As we approach the 50th anniversary of providing care in the community, this generous gift is another testament of our community’s trust,” said Judy Frum, 

CEO of Broward Health Imperial Point. “We are honored that Jacqueline and Marvin entrusted us with their family names and their legacy.”   

Bernstein and Weiner were particularly passionate about the healthcare needs of seniors, the fastest-growing age group in Broward County. The imaging center will benefit this demographic and beyond.

“We can’t overstate the impact this gift will have on Broward Health, as a non-profit, safety-net hospital dedicated to providing excellent service to all in our community,” said Scott Ford, President of Broward Health Foundation. “The fact that Jacqueline and Marvin took this extraordinary step is both remarkable and inspiring.”

Weiner and Bernstein’s past generosity includes a $7.5 million gift to Johns Hopkins to establish a cardiac arrhythmia center.


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