Award-winning Care for Mom and Baby

As you prepare for your baby, Broward Health is preparing for you. With expert medical care and all the comforts of home, our team is ready to care for you and your baby. Broward Health offers award-winning maternity services tailored to meet the unique needs of growing families.

Broward Health Maternity Place provides comprehensive and highly specialized obstetric and pediatric care at Broward Health Medical Center and Broward Health Coral Springs, including expert care for high-risk pregnancy needs.

Learn more by taking a maternity virtual video tour – or contact us to schedule a birthing class or pre-register for an exceptional birthing experience at Broward Health.

High-Risk Pregnancy and Maternal Fetal Medicine Expertise

Moms can rest assured that our high-risk OB/GYN team and Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctors are ready for any high-risk pregnancy considerations. With specialized care for both Mom and baby, our team manages the care of Moms with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or other medical concerns. Additionally, our 63-bed NICU is one of the largest in Florida, so you can count on expert care for even the tiniest of new babies if needed. Contact our high-risk pregnancy teams at Broward Health Coral Springs (954.344.2229) or Broward Health Medical Center (786.831.2788).


Maternity Place Locations

Man with his arms around his pregnant wife
Broward Health Medical Center

At Broward Health Medical Center, we provide dedicated labor, delivery and newborn expertise, so your maternity experience is as special as your new little one.

Man with his arms around his pregnant wife
Broward Health Coral Springs

With extensive medical capabilities for both Mom and baby, you can count on The Maternity Place at Broward Health Coral Springs for an exceptional birthing experience.

Maternity Conditions and Specialized Services



Autoimmune disorders

Back pain

Feet swelling

Gestational diabetes


High blood pressure

High-risk complications

Kidney problems

Polycystic ovarian syndrome


Preterm labor

Rh incompatibility

Urinary tract infections

Specialized Care Every Step of the Way

From Childbirth Concierge to Maternal Fetal Medicine expertise, Broward Health provides extensive maternity services, including online patient registration.

Maternity Place Services at Broward Health Medical Center

  • Pampered Pregnancy Experience
  • 24-hour Level III Neonatal Unit
  • Lactation Classes

Maternity Place Services at Broward Health Coral Springs

  • Private Labor Delivery Recovery (LDR) Suites
  • 24-hour On-Site Anesthesia
  • Transition to Home Class
Pregnant woman in yellow holding and looking at her stomach
Pregnant woman holding her stomach making a heart with her hands

Why Choose Broward Health?

You have great expectations for the experience that lies ahead, and our team of caregivers is committed to assisting you and your family every step of the way. The Maternity Place is a great start for you and your baby. In today’s hectic world, it’s the “extras” that often make the difference.

Childbirth Concierge

Childbirth Concierge Service We’re here for you! This service will help coordinate and guide you through all the resources available. Our concierge will help ease maternity registration processes, help you enroll for childbirth education classes and tours, and answer any questions or concerns that may arise. Contact our Childbirth Concierge, who will guide you through this exciting journey! Call 954.344.2229 (BABY) for Broward Health Coral Springs or email For Broward Health Medical Center Concierge, please call 954.355.4400.

Classes and Events

Our commitment to expectant mothers starts long before the due date. Programs are available to help you and your baby thrive during the early days of pregnancy, birth, and long after you have returned home. To register for a class, call 954.759.7400 or visit

Our classes provide up-to-date breastfeeding information, which will provide a positive experience for the new mom and their babies. Father and or support person is encouraged to attend. The class will cover breastfeeding challenges and how to resolve them, breastfeeding positioning techniques, nutrition concerns for breastfeeding moms, management of common breastfeeding challenges, and information for mothers returning to work. For more information about prenatal classes, please call 954.759.7400 or email


We offer prenatal, inpatient, and outpatient lactation support to assist your breastfeeding education and experience. Our international board-certified lactation consultants/registered nurses provide one-on-one instruction and support to breastfeeding mothers to help assure a successful breastfeeding journey. Our lactation consultants are trained and skilled in assisting moms and babies in multiple capacities, including specialty care for NICU babies. Please call at 954.575.6455 (MILK) for more information.

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