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Our multidisciplinary team works together to help ensure quality care during diagnosis, treatment and recovery. With advanced treatment options, including minimally invasive surgery in some cases, Broward Health is committed to providing high quality care to the community.

At Broward Health, we are dedicated to the fight against cancer. We understand every cancer diagnosis and every patient is unique requiring individualized treatment options. Our team of oncology specialists is dedicated to providing advanced care to the community. Our multidisciplinary team offers a complete spectrum of cancer care from pediatric to adult oncological care across various oncology specialties.

We offer comprehensive cancer care through a wide range of specialties. Our experienced oncologists range from breast cancer to prostate cancer. With a dedicated team in your corner, Broward Health provides the treatment you need in the fight against cancer.

Cancer can affect anyone, there are some risk factors that can increase a person’s chance of being affected. Schedule a screening by calling 954.320.5730

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Our Services

Broward Health’s breast oncology team will work closely with you to choose a treatment option that works to provide the best chance of controlling the cancer, preserving function and reducing the risk of recurrence with personalized decisions for the type and stage of breast cancer.

Broward Health’s gynecologic oncology team provides care for women with gynecologic malignancies through personalized treatment options including laparoscopic, robotic and open procedures.

Broward Health’s low-dose CT screenings for those at high-risk of lung cancer can help diagnose lung cancer early. Early diagnosis can increase the chances of curing the lung cancer.

The Pediatric Oncology Center at the Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital is an integral part of Broward Health’s comprehensive cancer services. Pediatric hematologists/oncologists serve patients from birth to age 21. Our pediatric oncology program is committed to providing advanced treatment options close to home.

Broward Health provides advanced treatment options for prostate cancer with minimally invasive robotic surgery.

The Head and Neck Cancer Program provides personalized treatment options for benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck with robotic and endoscopic surgery when possible.
Cancer screening

Early Detection Can Save a Life

While cancer can affect anyone, there are some risk factors that can increase a person’s chance of being affected. Being aware of these risk factors can help in early diagnosis and treatment options. Screening increases the chances of detecting certain cancers early, when they are most likely to be curable. 

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